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Topolino Farm has moved from New Hampshire to Altoona PA. Join us as we turn this long neglected 2.45 acres into a working dairy goat farm!

This kidding season only! Sign up for email alerts of kid births and reserve your kids here: Clicky.
No deposits required for 2022 kids. Any kids not picked up at 12 weeks are headed to auction in New Holland, PA at 13 weeks.


Everyone is pregnant! Hooray! Vera was also bred, but we didn’t test her because she is very predictable. She will likely give birth around or on March 21, 2022. Anyone else have a guess? If you’re interested in kids don’t forget to fill out our reservation form. We are not asking for deposits this year.…

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Cold Goats

I LOVE fall. Everything is getting ready for the long sleep under a blanket of white snow.
Except the goats.

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